Tembakan rambang selepas tarawih di masjid Kanada cederakan 5 orang

Tembakan rambang selepas tarawih di masjid Kanada cederakan 5 orang

TORONTO: Seramai lima orang cedera dalam insiden tembakan rambang di sebuah masjid di Toronto, Kanada pada Sabtu, lapor agensi Anadolu.

Jurucakap Jabatan Polis Toronto, David Rydzik berkata kejadian berlaku di daerah Scarborough apabila sekumpulan lelaki melepaskan tembakan sebaik selesai menunaikan solat tarawih.

Beliau berkata sekurang-kurangnya enam das tembakan dilepaskan manakala bilangan suspek yang terlibat dalam kejadian itu masih belum dapat dipastikan.

“Motif sebenar kejadian masih disiasat,” kata Rydzik.

Five people were injured in a mosque shooting on the night of April 16 in Toronto, Canada.

A group of men, aged between 28 and 35, were randomly attacked in a drive-by shooting after finishing prayers in the Scarborough district, said Toronto Police Department spokesperson David Rydzik.

At least six shots were fired but it remains unknown how many suspects were involved in the shooting, media reports quoted Rydzik as saying.

Four men were found with gunshot wounds and were taken to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, the police noted.

The fifth victim, who was not severely injured, made his own way to the hospital.

“Three of those five have been released from hospital right now and the other two are expected to make a very good recovery,” Rydzik added.

Police believe that at least six shots were fired from a vehicle that was passing by but it remains unknown how many suspects are involved in the shooting.

The suspects fled the scene in a blue car, Toronto Police said in a tweet, adding that they are gathering surveillance video footage to identify the vehicle and the suspects.

The police spokesperson said they are unable to say whether the victims were targeted because of their religious beliefs.

In a tweet published Saturday afternoon, Toronto Police Chief James Ramer said that while it’s too early to confirm a motive, the service’s hate crimes unit is engaged in the investigation.

Canadian Minister of public safety Marco Mendicino expressed solidarity with the Muslim community following the attack.

“I’m deeply saddened by this shooting following midnight prayers. Ramadan should be a time of peace and reflection. I’m relieved that the injuries aren’t life threatening. We stand with the Muslim community and will do all we can to ensure they feel safe,” Mendicino said in a tweet.

The shooting comes amid a highly charged atmosphere for Muslims in Canada and it is bound to give a renewed vigor to their anxities about the rampant normalization of Islamophobia, argued Nadeem Sheikh, board member of the Scarborough Muslim Association in Canada.

He urged Canadian authorities to take action to curb gun violence against Muslims and all other ethnicities in the country.

Tembakan rambang selepas tarawih di masjid Kanada cederakan 5 orang

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