PKR battles in Gombak, Port Dickson take spotlight

PKR battles in Gombak, Port Dickson take spotlight

A former aide to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is set for a head-to-head clash with Selangor PKR chief Amirudin Shari to head the Gombak division.

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, a former Perak PKR chief, confirmed that he had submitted his candidacy for the Gombak post in next month’s party elections.

Another state PKR leader, Aminuddin Harun of Negeri Sembilan, is also involved in a divisional leadership battle.

Aminuddin is to challenge his party deputy, state assemblyman M Ravi for the post of Port Dickson chief.

“Yes, the state chairman and deputy chairman would be facing off in Port Dickson but this is democracy and most importantly it is how we could ensure the party is not affected as a result of the fight,” said Aminuddin, who is Negeri Sembilan menteri besar.

The parliamentary seat of Port Dickson is held by party president Anwar Ibrahim.

The battle for Gombak is among the divisional tussles that will be the highlight of the PKR elections.

Amirudin, who currently holds the post, is head of Selangor PKR as well as Selangor Pakatan Harapan, and is menteri besar of Selangor.

The division was once headed by former deputy president Azmin Ali, who is the current MP for the constituency.

Farhash has said he hoped to contest against Azmin and Gombak Setia state assemblyman Hilman Idham at the next general election.

He said grassroots members had wanted him to recapture the Gombak parliamentary seat from Azmin, who is now with Bersatu. FMT

PKR battles in Gombak, Port Dickson take spotlight

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