Education Ministry under fire for using same set of SPM questions for second session

Education Ministry under fire for using same set of SPM questions for second session

Students and parents are crying foul over the Education Ministry’s use of the same set of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021 questions for the second session of the exam which started yesterday.

The second session is for students who missed the recently concluded exam due to Covid-19, floods or those granted special exemption by the Examination Director.

The Bahasa Melayu (Listening) examination yesteday, which carries marks for the overall Bahasa Melayu subject, took many by surprise as it was the same as the one for the first SPM session that has already been widely shared.

They are shocked that while great pains are taken annually to ensure there are no leaks for SPM, the same questions which are already known and discussed among teachers and students are being used again rendering the “sanctity” of the exam meaningless as it gives students sitting the second session an unfair advantage.

Many took to social media to criticise the ministry for “recycling” an entire test paper, in the country’s most important public examination.

Twitter user @winterbearrv said:

“This is SPM, not some random examination.”

Another user @neotechity said the ministry should have had the courtesy to announce that the same paper will be reused for the second session.

“The least LPM (Examination Syndicate) or KPM (Education Ministry) could do was to announce that the papers will be reused for Sesi 2 so that we in Sesi 1 would not discuss the papers after they have ended.

“They know it is a tradition that students do right after a SPM paper ends,” he tweeted.

Some second session candidates also said the audio content used for their Listening test was much clearer compared to the one used for the first batch candidates.

Responding to that, user @IwaiTea tweeted: “Why would KPM improve the audio quality instead of making a new set of questions to make it fair?

“Just a suggestion from someone who is a bit bitter over the fact that the questions are just the same,” she said.

User @hazardouschicx urged the ministry to lower the grading scale of the Bahasa Melayu (Listening Test) for first session candidates.

The second session of SPM 2021 examination started on April 5 and will go on until May 19. Nst

Education Ministry under fire for using same set of SPM questions for second session

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