Varsity student groups want online learning to continue

Varsity student groups want online learning to continue

University student groups have demanded that they continue with online learning and assessments.

In a joint statement, more than 30 student groups objected to returning to attend physical classes and sitting for final examinations in person.

“We appeal for lectures to be conducted in hybrid mode, with physical attendance being voluntary. The final examinations can be done online for the current semester.

“We also ask for comprehensive SOPs to avoid Covid-19 outbreaks on campus,” said the group in a statement.

Among the reasons cited are the limited number of hostel rooms available as well as financial constraints due to the pandemic.

The group said that based on a survey by the University of Malaya Students Union, 80% of the respondents were unable to make arrangements to return to campus due to financial constraints, health concerns, transportation problems and lesson plans.

“We abhor the universities glossing over the students’ rights in letting their voices to be heard. This causes many complications and difficulties among students,” said the group.

In January, the higher education ministry had announced that six categories of students of higher learning institutions were allowed to return to their campus to attend lessons on a hybrid basis starting March 1.

The six categories include certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree and postgraduate students who need to conduct clinical work and practicals requiring laboratories, workshops, design studios and special equipment. FMT

Varsity student groups want online learning to continue

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