Former Miss Universe Malaysia refuses to wear ‘face diaper’

Former Miss Universe Malaysia refuses to wear ‘face diaper’ unless necessary

Former Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Samantha Katie James is making headlines for all the wrong reasons again.

This time, she is claiming to have never worn a face mask in public despite the Covid-19 pandemic, unless it was necessary.

In an Instagram post, James claimed to only wear a mask when going “undercover around annoying people”.

“I will never wear that f****g diaper on my face,” she said in a long caption alongside a photo of her and a maskless friend.

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James had previously received backlash over her controversial comments on Instagram for telling Black Lives Matter protesters in the United States as they had “chose to be born as a coloured person in America”.

She has since apologised for her remarks on the protest which was triggered by the death of African American George Floyd.

The former pageant queen who was known for her nasi lemak-themed outfit at the Miss Universe pageant also claimed that her decision not to wear masks was within her rights to spread “light and sovereignty” in public.

James also claimed others had been following in her footsteps by going maskless in public, upon seeing her without a mask.

In the comment section, one user, @miza.shiad who is identified as the friend tagged in the photo applauded James’s move to call the public to go maskless.

“Oh yeah baby!! And that couple that stripped off their (mask wearing emoji) whilst (running emoji) right after passing us by was epic,” she wrote.

James replied telling her clinical hypnotherapist-in-training friend to “keep encoding that light”.

Yesterday Malaysia recorded 17,672 Covid-19 cases with 174 deaths. Nst

Former Miss Universe Malaysia refuses to wear ‘face diaper’

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