Tok Mat: Focus on coronavirus and economy, not politicking

Malaysians are too busy politicking and have failed to realise that the country is facing two major crises, says Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan (pic).

He said instead of coming up with a radical plan to support its economy from the global effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak and other challenges, politicking has instead taken centre stage.

“Firstly, we do not seem to have a plan which is crisis-proof to resolve these problems.

“Secondly, we do not have a team which is credible enough to help stimulate the economy from all these problems.

“Malaysia actually is the one that needs a confidence vote,” he said in a statement.

Although Mohamad did not specifically refer to it, the Prime Minister’s succession plan and PAS’ decision to table a vote for confidence for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has gripped the local political scene in recent days.

Mohamad said the outbreak would surely have crippling effects on the global economy.

“It will have a negative impact on the global economy to proportions never seen before.

“Our economic growth will also slow down and several sectors such as tourism and services will be greatly affected,” he said.

He said to worsen the situation, Malaysia’s trade issues with India is also likely to continue.

“What is certain is that Pakistan cannot be a substitute to our trade with India,” he said.

Dr Mahathir had prior to this criticised India’s actions in the Kashmir region and its new citizenship law.

The Prime Minister has vowed to continue speaking out against India following the boycott of Malaysian palm oil by Indian refiners and traders.

India is the largest importer of Malaysian palm oil.

Mohamad said the economy was also facing uncertainties after the price of crude oil took a beating and was not trading as forecast in Budget 2020.

“If Malaysia fails to tackle these issues, then there will be questions of its capability and we will continue to be just another developing nation.

“Foreign investors are now extremely cautious and not confident due to the middle- and long-term political instability in the country,” he said.

Mohamad said the people have also yet to see any agenda on the implementation of the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (SPV), a blueprint for the direction of the country in the next decade launched last October.

The SPV 2030, a continuation of Vision 2020, is among others aimed to increase the incomes of all ethnic groups and upskill Malaysians in various sectors.

It aims to provide a decent standard of living to all Malaysians and make Malaysia the new “Asian Tiger”.

Faced with these problems, Mohamad urged Malaysians to stop politicking.

“Malaysia needs solutions to the many problems we are facing.

“And the solutions are with the all of us and not with the select few,” he added.

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