Malaysian Chinese, please get married

Malaysian Chinese, please get married

For the third consecutive day, PKR lawmaker Sim Tze Sin has raised the alarm on the declining Chinese Malaysian birth rate.

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, the Bayan Baru MP played the role of Cupid in imploring Chinese Malaysians to get hitched and make babies.

For the past few days, I have been raising alarming low birth rates among Malaysian Chinese population. In 2022, only about 40,000 Chinese babies were born compared to 423,124 total live births. That’s less than 10% of total live births.

I got curious, why are so few Chinese babies born? So I use my CNY spare time to dig a little deeper. (After all, CNY is the best time to discuss issues affecting Chinese communities)

When I look into DOSM’s latest statistics, I found out, Malaysian Chinese not only have less babies, there are less marriages too! Double shocks!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

According to DOSM statistics for 2021, General Marriage Rate (GMR) among Muslim male is 60.4 while Non-Muslim male GMR is 21.9. GMR for Muslim female is 62 while Non Muslim is 23. GMR measures total marriage in a year compared to 1000 marriage age population. It is a measurement of 1000 own population, so we know less marriage happened among Non-Muslim communities. So in summary, In 2021, about 22 marriages happened in 1000 Non Muslims populations.

Whereas, about 61 marriages happened in 1000 Muslims populations.

Therefore on average, Muslim is 2.7 times more getting married compared to Non Muslims. In simple language, non Muslims are less getting married.

For clarification, DOSM only published Muslim Marriages and Non-Muslim marriages. I cannot find statistics of Malaysian Chinese marriage statistics. Because Chinese is non-Muslim’s biggest group, I believe Chinese statistics is quite in tandem with Non Muslim’s statistics.

So, we can summarize that, more and more Chinese or Non Muslim populations are staying single, or not getting married. This will directly impact the birth rates of Chinese or Non Muslims.
Less marriages, less babies.

Therefore, in this Dragon year, I wish to urge Chinese communities to look into the problems of less marriages. While staying single is own life choices, we should encourage marriages among those who incline to marry.

I call out to those singles out there, go out and seek your love and life partners. Please get married in this auspicious dragon year 🐉 . It’s a journey worth taking. Remember to have more babies too 😄

Malaysian Chinese, please get married

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