Lim Kit Siang pulls another flaunt in Mkini

1. WOW! Lim Kit Siang pulls another flaunt in Mkini today by echoing Dr M’s labeling ‘dumb and dumber’ of those sticking with Umno, hitting at party president Zahid Hamid for giving a response that awed him and DAP.
2. In his counter-attack, Zahid told Dr M to detach his political engagement with DAP, which in some way or another sent down shivers in Kit Siang and his party members, petrified of losing their glory of being in a cult government which uses slanders and lies to dictate the people.
3. After reading his piece, the DAP stalwart obviously is in a state of shock and disbelief as he expected Zahid was not able to land Dr M a stinging remark. Kit Siang is somehow relieve that Dr M agenda of uniting the Malays under one party was jettisoned by Zahid’s sharp statement, otherwise DAP would have to find another place to play. He has become the dumbest politician for parroting what Dr M had said.
4. And I believe his statement to Mkini was scripted by someone in DAP or PH who made him look like a moron, not only to the Malays but by others. Who the hell is he to echo what his former enemy for decades say? Zahid did not incite what he described as racist when telling Dr M to do just that? Afraid of the Umno-Pas collaboration that will put an end to PH ruling and DAP domination in the next general election?
5. What if Dr M really go for Zahid’s calls? With 1MDB case is yet to come to any convictions, Kit Siang is playing God by sharpening his knife on Najib Razak, Zahid, Rosmah and any Opposition figures brought to court? Do you label those in police lock-up as guilty? Who covered up Lim Guan Eng’s case then, which was much similar to that of Khir Toyo’s? Now that you want to be a playmaker too, you better tell your aides to be prepared for Umno-Pas onslaught.
6. The time will come when you realise how blase the people are with DAP and PH for all the silly games they played. Perhaps you should consider calling it a quit soon…

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