Get viral TikTok dishes delivered to your door

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Get viral TikTok dishes delivered to your door

DID all those viral TikTok recipes make your mouth water? Good news! You will soon be able to sample them for yourself by ordering them directly online!

TikTok will soon let users get the most viral dishes delivered to their door via the social network in a kind of TikTok-Deliveroo system. This new feature will only be available in the United States… for now.

Fancy tucking into “pasta chips” – pasta made into chips in an air fryer or oven – the famous TikTok pasta with tomatoes and feta, the “smash burger” or “corn ribs” with spices and grilled Parmesan?

From March, you will be able to sample these recipes, and many others, that have become viral hits on TikTok without having to prepare them yourself, thanks to “TikTok Kitchen.”

The Chinese social network is set to launch its first online food delivery service via a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts. It will use various partner restaurants to prepare the dishes before having them delivered.

According to information reported by Bloomberg, 300 TikTok restaurants are expected to be operational by March and 1,000 by the end of 2022.

The social network will use existing resources across the US by working with the kitchens of restaurants owned by Robert Earl, the co-founder of Virtual Dining Concepts, such as “Buca di Beppo” and “Bertucci’s.” According to the company, the restaurants participating in “TikTok Kitchen” will earn “up to US$500+ (about RM2,106) profits daily.”

The social network will take care of training, to help chefs learn to create dishes that have been successful on the application, as well as the food packaging. The menu will be updated every three months in order to stay on top of the most viral recipes on TikTok.

The creators who inspired the recipes chosen for the menu will be able to receive a portion of the profits. TikTok also underlined its desire to encourage and assist culinary creators in expressing themselves on the platform.

All in all, it promises to be a lucrative idea for the platform, since the “Food” topic has some 226 billion views on TikTok, while #TikTokFood scores 44.7 billion and #Foodtok has 11.6 billion.

And could this concept be exported beyond the US? Robert Earl, who seems particularly confident about the launch of “TikTok Kitchen,” certainly thinks so: “Now, one year in, MrBeast Burger is seen as the absolute prime mover in the virtual space, with locations continuing to open throughout the USA and internationally, and we believe TikTok Kitchen is right up there in the same stratosphere,” he said.

Indeed, Virtual Dining Concepts launched the “MrBeast Burger” delivery platform, with YouTuber MrBeast, in late 2020. It proved a hit, selling one million burgers in just three months, and has now been rolled out to Canada and the UK.

Get viral TikTok dishes delivered to your door

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