Hindu Sangam cries foul after MACC nabs 2 members

Hindu Sangam cries foul after MACC nabs 2 members

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam, one of the country’s largest Hindu bodies, has questioned the arrest of two of its members by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in an investigation into alleged misuse of Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra) funds.

Rajesh Nagarajan, a lawyer representing the association, said he could not understand why MACC had arrested the two men.

“The Malaysia Hindu Sangam’s stand is that they did not misuse any funds and have in fact returned the money to Mitra,” he told FMT. He could not confirm the amount of money involved but said the funds from Mitra were disbursed to temples.

Rajesh said that the Malaysia Hindu Sangam was the “victim” in this situation and that MACC should be going after Mitra.

“The Malaysia Hindu Sangam officials are witnesses. They will always cooperate with the authorities. So, I do not see why they need to arrest their members.”

He also said another association official was in the midst of being questioned by MACC.

He also said lawyers had been barred from sitting in for the questioning of this official. “Everyone has a right to legal representation. Why are we not allowed to accompany our client?”

The anti-corruption agency had said that its investigation into the misuse of Mitra funds was almost complete, and that those involved would be charged.

In October, MACC said it had arrested 16 company directors on suspicion of being involved in the misappropriation of Mitra funds meant for the socio-economic development of the Indian community.

It was previously reported that 337 companies, associations and NGOs were granted RM203 million in Mitra allocations from 2019 to 2021. FMT

Hindu Sangam cries foul after MACC nabs 2 members

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