‘Shame on you BAM!’, netizens react over Zii Jia’s 2-year ban

‘Shame on you BAM!’, netizens react over Zii Jia’s 2-year ban

Netizens took to social media today to vent their anger over the two-year ban imposed by the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) on national shuttler Lee Zii Jia.

Zhewei Kung pointed out the shame was actually on the part of BAM, saying he believed Zii Jia would have been treated differently by the national associations in other countries.

“This is like an employee leaving your company but you as the boss telling him you cannot work anywhere again.

“Keluarga Malaysia right? We should have helped each other and not (resorted) to this action.”

Naim Yana was more straightforward with his comments. “Killing your own players’ careers just to please yourselves … shame on you BAM!”

DG Javier Ng said it was no surprise Malaysian national shuttlers had been under-performing in recent years, given the treatment shown to Zii Jia.

“The BAM committee, you guys seriously need (some) self-reflection,” he said.

Rose Dawson felt it was pointless to say much to BAM but noted that the quality of Malaysian athletes would continue to drop if sports associations did not change their mentality.

Kevin Chia was more blunt. “RIP badminton in Malaysia … BAM is like a political party.”

BAM confirmed today that Zii Jia has been banned from taking part in international tournaments under the Malaysian flag for two years effective Jan 18.

Earlier this week, Zii Jia, who is the national No 1, resigned from BAM. He is currently ranked No 7 in the world by the Badminton World Federation.

The 22-year-old from Kedah won the prestigious men’s singles title at the All England Open last year. FMT

‘Shame on you BAM!’, netizens react over Zii Jia’s 2-year ban

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