Puteri Umno wants party polls only after GE15

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Puteri Umno wants party polls only after GE15

Puteri Umno wants the party election to be held only after the 15th general election (GE15) to ensure that the entire machinery and leadership of the party will focus completely on being the voice of the people.

The movement’s secretary Asuma Beevi Mohamed Sali said 171 divisions have insisted that the party machinery be focused on winning GE15 and that party polls be held after the general election.

“The instability of the party after the contest for positions will have a negative impact on the party and the people,” she said in a statement tonight.

Asuma Beevi said the matter was one of the three main motions brought by Puteri Umno members during its delegates’ meeting on Dec 11 and 12.

A total of 180 divisions had submitted their motions while fewer than 10 divisions will convene tomorrow and Sunday, she said.

She added the second motion was to ensure that young women were named as general election candidates in order to empower young people in the party.

The third motion brought by the majority of Puteri Umno delegates was to urge the government to be one that empowers women and gives them space in formulating national policies, she said. FMT

Puteri Umno wants party polls only after GE15

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