We must not only adapt to this ‘new abnormal’ but hastily end it, says Tok Mat

Being forced to practise social distancing or to stay at home to stem the spread of the Covid 19 is not the new normal but the “new abnormal” which needs to be ended immediately, says Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan (pic).

With Malaysia now in the recovery phase of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Umno deputy president said it was the duty of every individual to continue to fight the pandemic so they could get their lives back.

“Everyone is using the term ‘new normal’ to describe our daily life since the pandemic began and we are advised to adapt to the new normal until a vaccine is found. To me, this is a new abnormal and we must not only adapt to this abnormality but hastily end it,” he said in a statement.

Mohamad said that staying home can neither be the new norm nor can it be prolonged as this will clearly be counterproductive.

“Businesses, employment, and entrepreneurship must be saved. School and education must not be delayed any longer. Religious life, social activities, and community sustainability must return to our customs and culture,” he said.

He said as such it was imperative that families and children are continuously educated that it will be difficult to fight the pandemic without personal hygiene.

Elaborating, he said every Muslim missed the festivity of Ramadan and celebrating the holy month as a community with continuous prayers performed together.

“It is impossible to picture a world where not being able to perform congregational prayer is a new normal. The masjid, surau, and praying areas with their grace and warmth are dearly missed and this abnormality must end immediately,” he said.

Mohamad then said that not being able to perform terawih prayers at the mosque during Ramadan is an alien concept.

He said the government’s sole mission now was to defeat this pandemic and end this abnormal phase with a balanced, solid, and formidable recovery strategy.

“Only through the success of this mission can we return to living our lives normally following our norms, culture and tradition,” he said, adding that the government’s move to allow several economic sectors to operate at maximum capacity was a good recovery strategy.

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