Prasarana Helps Uncle Kentang To Open 10 Cents Shop At LRT Station

Prasarana Helps Uncle Kentang To Open 10 Cents Shop At LRT Station

Uncle Kentang (Mr Kuan Chee Heng, 马铃薯叔叔日志) have always been known for his kindness and generosity towards not only the needy, but the whole community itself without looking at race nor religion. We are familiar enough with all of his initiatives from the 10 cents funeral vans, 10 cents market, and even 10 cents hotel to help the needy.

Now that his generosity is widely known all over Malaysia, one of the biggest transportation companies in Malaysia, Prasarana, has decided to lend a helping hand in Uncle Kentang’s selfless effort. Prasarana has offered one of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) spaces in one of their LRT stations for Uncle Kentang to set up a 10 cents shop.

With the 10 cents shop, you can help Uncle Kentang in his effort to make Malaysia a better place to live in by donating necessities or items that you no longer need for the underprivileged community to buy them at the lowest price you can think of, 10 cents! Not only that, to make it even more convenient for the needy, he also stated that he will be employing partners to help work on the shop along with him.

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This announcement have been made through Uncle Kentang’s Facebook page. Other than extending his gratitude towards Prasarana, he also announced that he will be making a site visit to the shop on 9th February. We are expecting the opening of the shop will follow after the site visit. As of now, the location of the shop has yet to be disclosed.

We are looking forward to this 10 cents shop as it is a good initiatives for the whole community to come together. To quote Uncle Kentang’s post hoping for a better year for everyone, “Welcome to (the) year of tiger, where more initiatives will be put forth.” Hype

Prasarana Helps Uncle Kentang To Open 10 Cents Shop At LRT Station

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