Tanjung Piai folk believe new MP will deliver

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Tanjung Piai voters have expressed hope and belief that their newly elected MP Datuk Seri Dr Wee Jeck Seng will be able to meet their expectations.

Retiree V. Madasamy, 58, said he could not contain his happiness when he found out Wee had won with such a huge majority.

“I met him during his walkabouts several times before as well as when he was the MP last time. I find him very approachable, ” he said when met at his house in Pekan Nanas.

Customer care operator Tan Jia Lee, 24, said the by-election results were a big surprise.

“I was rooting for Pakatan Harapan’s candidate Karmaine Sardini.

“I was shocked when I found out the results, especially as the majority was very significant. But I hope that the new MP will be able to carry out his responsibilities well, ” she said.

She added that she was not upset as she has a lot of respect for Wee.

Food stall owner Rohana Jalil, 36, said she always knew that Barisan would win the by-election and was very happy with the results.

“It was pretty obvious to me that Wee would win but I did not expect the majority to be that huge.

“I hope he will be able to serve his constituents well and bring positive changes here, ” she said.

Teacher Jamal Ahmad, 54, said Barisan’s machinery was more orderly compared to Pakatan’s, and it was able to reach out to more voters during campaigning.

He said Pakatan’s failure in addressing national issues such as employment opportunities pushed voters, in particular the youth, back to Barisan.

“I’ve known Wee for a very long time as he been our MP before and he has a good character with a good record, ” he said.

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