Searching for reasons and excuses

Sebaran :

KHAIRY Jamaluddin did it again, except that this time around he is joined by Nazri Aziz in avowing their dissatisfaction against the appointment of Najib Razak as chairman of Barisan Nasional advisory board.

Their tone was a little bit difference – KJ seems to chide BN chairman and Umno president Zahid Hamidi on the appointment while Nazri was a bit bold in blaming the former prime minister for BN’s defeat in the last general election.

KJ, still sore for losing the presidency battle to Zahid last year, continues his attack on the president and Najib, putting the whole GE14 lost episode on the ex-premier without sharing responsibility of his failure in luring the youths to join Umno and support BN before the general election.

His snobbish style as the then Sports and Youth Minister failed to attract them, and his role as Umno Youth Chief didnt help much. While DAP, PKR and Amanah went against all odds to register university and college students, Umno Youth did almost nothing. His cadres were all satisfied that the wing was at its best and a lost in the GE was something that never crossed their mind.

After the defeat, KJ blames Najib entirely. Making the 1MDB scandal as his scapegoat, he quickly washed his hands from the defeat, distancing himself from any reason to take a single discredit for the May 9 2018 damaging result. To him, Najib is the only reason for the defeat.

Trying to portray himself as a political wallaby, KJ also wants to be looked up as a vocal leader within Umno itself, echoing what the youth wing under Asyraf Wajdi has positioned firmly that Zahid should resign due to his court cases.

Some said KJ may as well jump ship to either Bersatu or PKR (or may be DAP) over his continuous opposition stand. He wants to be a perfect guy in making decision as to what is right and wrong, and what to support and not to support.

Then came Nazri. Joining the fray of frustration over the GE14 defeat, he keeps on making Najib as the perfect person to shoulder the responsibility for BN’s dismal showing. He is also distancing himself from being with Umno inner circle as I hardly see him at the PWTC anymore.

We can understand his anguish after building a good and safe hideout at the Tourism Ministry before the GE. He was too comfortable there, enjoying every minute of his encounter with the rich and famous.

I believe Najib can cause alarm to Pakatan Harapan. His appointment was what BN actually had wanted. It was not Zahid;s decision either.

Najib is still very much popular. In fact its the popularity in the ‘Malu Apa Bossku’ that has helped BN in winning the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau by-elections. Partly, as I see it. There rest lies in the public disgust at Pakatan Harapan’s failure in keeping up to their promises.

BN is preparing for GE15 and Najib has what it takes to make the coalition formidable again. With MCA and MIC still intact, BN has also Pas to rely on now. Umno and Pas collaboration is fast getting PH to recognise the fact that it’s going to be tough this time around.

Maybe KJ, Nazri and others who are against Najib’s appointment failed to determine the positive factors to it, or simply just didn’t want to recognise it for the sake of playing chummy to the opposite side.

Who knows, the gold bars are waiting for them. And they have rights to opine too…

Sebaran :

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