Maya Karin Dropped Out of Uni After 1 Year of Diploma Because Classes Were Often Cancelled

Maya Karin Dropped Out of Uni After 1 Year of Diploma Because Classes Were Often Cancelled

Just recently, 3 students in Sabah won the lawsuit against their lecturer who did not attend class for 7 long months and for that, the court has ordered the students to be compensated with RM50,000 each.

We cannot deny that lectures are sometimes delayed or cancelled for unforeseen circumstances but to have classes skipped for 7 months is not an option. Pursuing your tertiary education is 1 of the most important highlights of your life but a local actress who recently got her attention on the news took a trip down memory lane, and recalled why she dropped out of university.

Thanks to the constantly-cancelled lectures, actress Maya Karin decided to stop her university life after a year of diploma. In her tweet, Maya said that she often reached her campus only to find a note that informed the students,

“Class has been cancelled because lecturer cannot make it.”

To her, it is not only a waste of time but also a waste of her parents’ money. Imagine spending hundreds or thousands of ringgit for a semester only for the classes to be cancelled without any replacements. Another question that may come into your mind – will the lecturer be able to finish the syllabus within the semester if classes are frequently called off?

It was at this point that Maya decided to stop wasting her parents’ money, and she started to make her own money by participating in some theatre work.

“I got a little cash from there, I travelled the world before I joined the entertainment industry.”

Maya, who is now 43 started to join the limelight as early as 1999 and many Malaysians might not be aware that she started her acting career in Hollywood. She appeared as an unnamed character in the film Entrapment, which starred the late Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. She found fame in Malaysia in the early 2000s, where she portrayed the female banshee in the local horror, Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.

Is this a call for you to ditch your studies? 100% no. The world is competitive today and your life is bound to be tough if you are merely surviving with an SPM certificate. If you’re unhappy with how the classes are conducted, it’s best to talk to the relevant parties. WOB

Maya Karin Dropped Out of Uni After 1 Year of Diploma Because Classes Were Often Cancelled

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