Perdana Driver Tried To Pick A Fight After Failing To Overtake (Video)

Perdana Driver Tried To Pick A Fight After Failing To Overtake (Video)

As road users, we are required to strictly follow the traffic rules and its regulations. Sadly though, there are still those who openly refuse to comply to the laws.

A video went viral on Twitter recently, featuring a male Proton Perdana driver (who’s seen wearing a black kopiah) allegedly trying to pick a fight with another individual when he failed to overtake another car in front of him on the road. It’s understood that the incident took place somewhere in Setia Alam in Selangor.

As seen in the dash cam footage of the incident shared by Twitter user @vicenzolorenzo, the driver attempted to cut in line of other vehicles that were waiting for the red traffic light. “The light turned green, I didn’t realise he was coming, so I stepped on the accelerator,” the netizen shared. The Perdana ended up getting pushed to the side, as there wasn’t enough space for him.

Seemingly fuelled by anger after failing to cut in line, the man then proceeded to chase the Twitter user. He then revealed that he stopped at the roadside to drop his friends. “He (the Perdana driver) stopped in front me. he wanted to confront me,” he said. In the 2-minute long video, the latter was also seen without his face mask on while approaching the owner of the dash cam, acting like a thug.

“The moment I said, ‘We’re heading to the (police) station. I have the dash cam (footage), he quickly fled,” @vicenzolorenzo further revealed in his video. His post has since gone viral on Twitter, amassing over 27k views at the time of writing (Tuesday, 25th January).

The social media posting has also garnered plenty of remarks from the public. In this case, many netizens took to the replies space to put the Abang Kopiah on blast for his questionable behaviour. Thanks to another social media user, @MetalPolymath, it was also revealed that the driver apparently has a total of 38 unpaid summons worth a whopping RM8,150!

Apart from criticising him, others have also called for the authorities (namely the PDRM and also the JPJ) to take strict action against the individual for the countless amount of traffic rules that he had broken. Hype

Perdana Driver Tried To Pick A Fight After Failing To Overtake (Video)

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