Siew Pui Yi Answers On Criticism Against Her

Siew Pui Yi Answers On Criticism Against Her

Modelling is one such field where there has been intense competition. Every model has just one goal – to be the best from others. Among women, there has been a cut-throat competition in this field all over the world. One of the most sensual and bold models from Malaysia, Siew Pui Yi has raised everyone’s eyebrows with her seductive photoshoots. Her hot-toned body is pure goals which is a dream for every girl out there. Born on August 1, 1998, she is also an influencer who is minting money in millions. Blessed with the perfect body, many people look up to her and want to have a physique like her. Her career kicked-off at a very early age when she was 15. She got her much-deserved break when an artist management agency discovered her potential. After doing several lingerie shoots for photographers and designers, she also made her foray into ads and music videos.

In an exclusive interaction with IBTimes, the dazzling influencer spilled the beans about her modelling journey, criticisms she faced as a model and much more. Check out her interview:

Q: Describe your journey as a model!

A: I started off as a freelance gig fashion model for a small group of photographers when I was 15. It was mostly fashion shoot or landscape shoot. At 18, I started modelling for lingerie concept shoot and gained my reputation as a well-trained model. When I was 19, I was discovered by an artist management agency and I had signed a contract with them for 3 years as an artist. I made a few cameos in music videos, starring in YouTube show series and gained fame as a social media influencer. As of now, I am among the top influencers in Malaysia.

Q: Which have been your best works so far in your modelling career?

A: I am improving by time. I feel as if my creation of work has been getting better from learning past mistakes and experiences. In 2018, I launched my own calendar and it sold out. In 2019, I launched my first photo album and it sold out like hot pancakes. This year, I recently launched a full series including an album, poster, T-shirt and custom made box.

Q: What are the major obstacles you faced while becoming a model?

A: You definitely get bullied along the way. Some may face criticism for not having the best facial features that the market demands. Some may not have sufficient experience in handling shoots and get reprimanded by photographers. Some get looked down upon when you are just a newbie in the industry because they don’t think you can make it big. I was discouraged by many of my peers that I would not be able to survive in the industry. I am glad that I have proved them wrong.

Q: Since your Instagram is filled with your bold pictures, have you faced any criticism for it? How do you deal with it?

A: I face them very often. It’s best to focus on the positivity and understand that you cannot please everyone. Even if you change yourself for the negative voices, it wouldn’t be enough to silence them. Trolling on social media is the easiest thing one can do. I don’t pay much attention to it as I have better things to do rather than replying to my haters. I shut their mouths with my work.

Q: Who do you credit for your immense success?

A: It has to be my mother who has been my supporting pillar all this while. She was worried and unsure at first if it would be best for my career. But she never judged me on my choices. As time progressed, I have shown her assurance through my achievements. I am very thankful for all the opportunities I have got till date. Without those opportunities, I wouldn’t have got the recognition.

Q: Any piece of advice for all aspiring models?

A: Never let anyone keep you away from doing what you love. No matter how hard time gets, never let your passion within you to die off. There will be a lot of people who will put you down. Don’t get disheartened by their nasty comments. Focus on your goal and get ahead in life. Let your work be your voice.

Siew Pui Yi Answers On Criticism Against Her

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