Migrant abandons son to escape during immigration raid

Migrant abandons son to escape during immigration raid

The sudden presence of immigration officers at a raid in the early hours of the morning drove an Indonesian migrant to abandon her son today in an attempt to flee the scene.

The seven-year-old boy was asleep at the time of the raid on an illegal settlement at Segambut Bahagia Tambahan.

Immigration officers managed to find the boy’s mother hiding in a hole she had dug below the building.

Speaking to the media, Kuala Lumpur immigration director Syamsul Badrin Mohshin said 211 people were questioned at the raid, which involved over 100 officers.

Of the individuals found at the settlement, 106 were detained, believed to be undocumented migrants. Most of the migrants worked in the housekeeping and construction sectors, he said.

“They attempted to escape by hiding in drains, cupboards or on the roof of the building.

“Those we apprehended will be brought to the Bukit Jalil immigration depot for further investigation,” said Syamsul.

They will be investigated for overstaying without valid papers or possessing no valid identification documents. FMT

Migrant abandons son to escape during immigration raid

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