Woman Charged RM5800 For 1 Hour Parking At Mall (Video)

Woman Charged RM5800 For 1 Hour Parking At Mall (Video)

There’s no denying that technology is the future. Despite its advancement over the past few years, “technical errors” are still prone to happen every once in awhile.

Recently, a woman who calls herself Datin JLo (or @mommyjlo2) on TikTok claimed she was charged over RM5800 after parking for just an hour at a local supermarket.

The mother of 3 couldn’t believe her eyes when the machine stated that her parking fee came up to RM5811.
Flabbergasted, she went to see the management on duty and even spent an hour arguing the absurdity of the situation.

The staff on duty apparently believed that the woman had left her vehicle at the venue for an extended period of time. Ultimately, the case was resolved once the management reviewed the CCTV footage and verify the lady’s claim.
Instead of the ridiculous RM5811 charge, the woman was only required to pay RM3.

Many netizens were amused by the incident and took to the comments section to share their thoughts. Some asked if the management had laid out a red carpet for charging RM5811. A TikTok user commented that perhaps the management assumed she had left her Myvi in the building since last year.

There were also a couple of netizens who wanted to know which location did this took place so that people can be aware and take extra caution too. (Hint: it’s in the TikTok video if you pause at the right moment.) Others joked that since she’s driving a Myvi, she could’ve just knocked the barrier and drive away.

Thankfully, the lady was able to settle this with the management. Hype

Woman Charged RM5800 For 1 Hour Parking At Mall (Video)

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