More than 11,000 in six states evacuated, says PM

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More than 11,000 in six states evacuated, says PM

A total of 11,384 flood victims have been evacuated to 188 temporary relief centres in six states as of 11pm tonight after heavy rain in those states, said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

At a press conference today, he said that 84 of the centres are in Pahang, 45 in Selangor, 39 in Kelantan, nine each in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan and two in Terengganu.

A total of 5,731 flood relief centres across the country have been set up and can accommodate a total of 1.6 million victims, he said.

Ismail said the government’s priority was to rescue all those trapped due to flood waters.

“To the flood victims, don’t worry. We will ensure that all rescue efforts are being made,” he said. “Right now, the most important thing is to evacuate them to a safe place and make sure they have food.”

He said 66,015 personnel from the army, police, fire and rescue department, local city councils and other agencies have been mobilised to provide assistance to the flood victims.

In an earlier statement, Ismail said he had ordered all related ministries to mobilise assets in affected areas to ensure that those affected by the floods are taken care of and placed in temporary evacuation centres if necessary.

Ismail said he had also instructed the army, police, fire and rescue department, Malaysia civil defence department and other agencies to aid flood victims.

Continuous downpour since Friday has resulted in extensive flooding throughout the country, forcing the evacuation of thousands of people and seeing numerous roads closed, cars stranded, businesses shut and rail services disrupted.

Earlier today, Selangor menteri besar Amirudin Shari said that rainfall in the state had exceeded 380mm – more than twice the highest recorded rainfall of around 180mm. The amount is also six times the average rainfall of 60mm. FMT

More than 11,000 in six states evacuated, says PM

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