Speed up Cheras temple probe

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Speed up Cheras temple probe, deputy minister tells authorities

Deputy federal territories minister Jalaluddin Alias has requested the authorities to expedite investigations into a rioting incident outside a Chinese temple yesterday so that follow-up action can be taken to resolve the problem harmoniously.

In a statement today, he said although things have calmed down, he viewed the matter seriously as it involved a misunderstanding between temple worshippers and the authorities.

“What’s more, there were attempts to manipulate and exploit the matter on social media by some parties, which runs the risk of causing confusion, concern and threatens public order.

“Therefore, I urge the relevant authorities to expedite investigations so that the cause of the incident can be identified as soon as possible, and follow-up action can be taken in a harmonious manner,” he said in a statement.

Jalaluddin also asked netizens to stop feuding over the matter, which could affect the country’s harmony.

A video lasting two minutes and nine seconds went viral on social media after being uploaded on Facebook claiming that the Kuala Lumpur Land and Mines Office acted to demolish a temple located in the Salak South area.

Cheras district police chief Muhammad Idzam Jaafar explained yesterday that the incident happened after several individuals stopped construction work of a hoarding barrier between 11.45am and 4pm. FMT

Speed up Cheras temple probe

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