Zahid hits the ‘JACKPOT”

ITS like hitting the Jackpot for Zahid Hamidi. The just concluded Supreme Council meeting at PWTC today endorsed the Umno president as the only person qualified to hold meetings with any party, which I believe includes Bersatu.

This means, Dr Mahathir is left to no choice but to recognise Zahid as the legitimate Umno president and must not leave him out of any dialogues, notably ‘Malay unification’ talks. And of course, Dr M will have to divorce himself from the 87 charges slapped on Zahid in such talks.

Being the sole negotiator is a privilege and a win factor for Zahid. Knowing how much Dr M despises him and how aware the premier is of Zahid’s political attachment with his nemesis Najib Razak, the time has come for both to put aside differences for the sake of their respective parties survival.

Fresh in mind how Dr M asked Umno members to join Bersatu for the sake of Malay unity, and his public rejection for Zahid and a few others aboard, the prime minister must brace himself for this unexpected ‘encounter’.

The party’s Advisory Panel has unanimously gave the authority to Zahid. The Council too. Perhaps it is also an opening that saw Zahid making the big leap forward after ending his 6-month ‘vacation’ from office. Perhaps it is also a strategy to force Dr M to consider Zahid’s position in the Malaysian politics, and among the Malays itself.

With Zahid already making impacts on the political collaboration between Umno and Pas, the Pakatan Harapan government becomes quite shaky amid the ‘Sandakan tragedy’ which saw them taking a huge popularity dive.

Other engagements? Not unlikely. The government, especially Dr M will be in a dire straits position since DAP also dominates it with PKR. With PKR is seeing a split due to alleged Azmin Ali involvement in the ‘Sandakan video’, the seat composition will put PH in a limbo should half of PKR Members of Parliament (MPs) decide to inch away from it.

Of course Anwar Ibrahim, whom Dr M had promised as his successor, will not be at ease if PH is weakened and losing its grip on Putrajaya, thus considering another plan which will jettison Dr M’s own planning.

Zahid, who has adamantly reiterated his party’s stand not to cooperate with any party or leaders having arm-in-arm business with DAP, is also adding to Dr M’s dilemma. Like it or not, the prime minster has to take that into consideration.

The Umno president should be able to chalk more political victories if he is able to persuade Dr M to change his mind. Instead of Umno members coming to Umno – which is the country’s biggest Malay party – it will be Bersatu members who will have to give in. After all, there are all from Umno.

So, let’s see more drama and action after this. Dr M must have had the news and should be contemplating right now!

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