A Group Of 60 Orang Asal Sarawak In ‘Sirat’ Boarding A Flight To Sabah [VIDEO]

A Group Of 60 Orang Asal Sarawak In ‘Sirat’ Boarding A Flight To Sabah [VIDEO]

Recently, some 60 tattooed Orang Asal from Sarawak clad in ‘sirat’ (loincloth) and ‘baju gagung’ (Iban traditional warrior vest) were seen boarding an AirAsia flight from Miri to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah

According to group leader Peter John Jaban, they were part of a delegation of 72 Orang Asal Sarawak that was headed to Sabah’s capital as a cultural excursion.

Peter said that they wanted to showcase Sarawak natives’ tradition through their costumes to the people of Sabah and also share the speciality of Sarawak with Sabahans, reported The Borneo Post.

The group also performed a musical dance at Sabah Waterfront in Kota Kinabalu.

Image via The Borneo Post

The group leader claimed that they made history as no group in such numbers has ever boarded a plane only in ‘sirat’ clothing

Peter also said that the group did not mind the cold cabin air despite not being fully covered.

“It was cold but we didn’t care about that. All we were thinking about was this cultural exchange with Sabah,” The Star quoted him as saying, adding that the warm hospitality of the cabin crew also helped.

A video of the group boarding the flight has since gone viral

In the video, an AirAsia air hostess is seen giving the group, which consisted of both men and women, a warm welcome while a male steward is heard instructing the group to follow their seating arrangements.

Unlike regular passengers, they were clad from head to toe in animal skin, feathers, and elaborate headdresses. They even carried rattan-woven bags instead of regular carry-on luggage. SAYS/ The Star

Watch the video here:

A Group Of 60 Orang Asal Sarawak In ‘Sirat’ Boarding A Flight To Sabah [VIDEO]

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