Focus on your PKR No. 2 fight, don’t interfere in Selangor, Rafizi told

Focus on your PKR No. 2 fight, don’t interfere in Selangor, Rafizi told

Rafizi Ramli has been told by a Selangor PKR leader to focus on his campaign for the party deputy president’s post instead of spending his time “predicting” Pakatan Harapan’s future in the state.

Selangor PKR information chief Halimey Abu Bakar said Rafizi’s recent warning to PH and PKR against being overconfident about retaining Selangor in GE15 was akin to undermining the hard work of Amirudin Shari’s administration.

“Those in the exco have been working hard to ensure that the state government remains (under PH) in the coming general election.

“I hope Rafizi focuses on his campaign in contesting for the deputy president’s post. For the state government, that’s our responsibility.” he told FMT.

Meeting PKR members at a campaign event on Sunday, Rafizi said the PH and PKR leaderships were “still daydreaming about easily retaining Selangor”, adding that they needed a wake-up call.

The PKR vice-president reminded party members that PH was on a string of defeats in state elections, from the Sabah polls in 2020, to Melaka, Sarawak and Johor last month.

But Halimey pointed out that even PKR president Anwar Ibrahim had recently admitted that Amirudin, the Selangor menteri besar, was among the best leaders around.

The Seri Setia assemblyman said he was confident that Selangor PH, under Amirudin’s leadership as state chairman, would be able to keep the state government in the coalition’s grip for a fourth term.

“But the condition is that everyone has to put in the work. This time, we have to work twice as hard because the people are watching to see what we’re doing to help them,” he said.

Halimey added that the enactment of an anti-hopping law in Parliament would be key for a PH victory, as the confidence of voters in the power of their votes would be restored. FMT

Focus on your PKR No. 2 fight, don’t interfere in Selangor, Rafizi told

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