Former Teacher Shocked To See Siew Pui Yi’s Nudes On Penthouse

Former Teacher Shocked To See Siew Pui Yi’s Nudes On Penthouse

Looking sexy can be very controversial, especially in a conservative country like Malaysia. People often think it as demeaning to show off your body, regardless of what you gain from it.

However, Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi (aka MsPuiyi or Sugar), isn’t listening to critics. After all, on top of it being a lucrative business, she’s got the full support of her family!

The influencer welcomed the new year with a proud declaration. Along with being named Pet of the Month for US magazine Penthouse, Pui Yi was also featured on the January/February edition cover. Her achievement was well-received by many. However, it did leave several others in shock. One of them was Pui Yi’s former high school teacher.

Influencer Siew Pui Yi Is The First Malaysian To Appear On Penthouse Cover
The last time this teacher from SMK Dato Onn had seen Pui Yi was in 2014, when the model was sitting for her SPM exam. The teacher recalled Pui Yi as a “humble, quiet and down-to-earth student” who came from a poor family. “Initially, I could not accept that Pui Yi had taken up modelling,” she admitted. However, after being shown photos of her former student on social media, she had to believe it. “I was shocked,” the teacher stated.

Pui Yi’s teacher may be surprised by her student’s chosen profession, but her family certainly isn’t. According to The Star, the influencer shared that her family was proud of what she does, both her cosmetic business and modelling career. “My parents and family support me as long as I am happy,” Pui Yi was quoted as saying.

The 23-year-old left her family home in Penang five years ago to strike out in the world. With some hard work, her career certainly took off. However, she never hid what she was doing from her parents. “Every time I go back to see my parents, I share my achievements and progress with them,” she said.

She was approached by Penthouse a year ago to model nude for them. Pui Yi only agreed to the shoot two months ago after negotiation and meetings. She didn’t reveal how much she was paid for the job as she was more focused on expanding her portfolio. However, she did state that she has made seven figures on her social media presence. The influencer added that she’s only been doing this for over a year and now has over 20 people working for her.

Compared to when her nude photos were leaked in 2019, Pui Yi is no longer shy about her body or worried about criticism. She considers showing off her sexier side as “body art” and is “a personal experience” for both her and her fans.

The influencer has certainly achieved a lot since starting out! This includes her dream of getting a Porsche at 23. However, there are still milestones Pui Yi wishes to accomplish, like being a Victoria’s Secret model. Well, we certainly believe she can reach for the stars if she tries! Hype

Former Teacher Shocked To See Siew Pui Yi’s Nudes On Penthouse

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