Johor Prince TMJ Deployed Brabus G700 6×6 For Segamat Flood Relief

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Johor Prince TMJ Deployed Brabus G700 6×6 For Segamat Flood Relief

From Selangor, to Pahang and now Johor; it seems like the monsoon season is starting to flood the nation with murky water state by state.

The flash flood in Selangor might have surprised the majority at first, but Malaysians from all walks of life have shown amazing resilience in lending a helping hand. Many have also gone down to the scene to help in whatever way they can.

Shortly after the Selangor flash flood ruined numerous homes, Dato Seri Sunny Ong amazed the public with how he used his RM4 million Brabus Mercedes AMG G700 6×6 to help the needy. Both he and Abang Viva Viral were huge inspirations to the public. Another public figure who has also been vocal about this issue is Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Idris ibni Sultan Ibrahim.

The year 2022 might have not been off to a great start for the people of Segamat, Johor as their homes were swept by the flood as well. Fortunately for them, their Crown Prince has deployed his Brabus G700 6×6 and came straight to the scene to deliver aid. He tweeted pictures of him with his exotic vehicle, and captioned it, “Mobilized. Making our way to Segamat.”

Unlike some parties who only came to the flood scene to observe the conditions, TMJ actually brought relief aid to the flood victims as prepared by the royal house of Johor. 18,000 tents along with basic necessities were given out at the temporary evacuation centre (PPS) for the victims. TMJ was joined by the Sultan himself. This is probably why the people of Johor are so devoted to the Johor royal family.

Other than handing out help to the victims, TMJ has been looking into the grassroot part of the issue. He reported on his personal Twitter that he had paid a visit to the river water level reading centre in Sungai Olak Sepam, Sungai Muar. He is currently trying to make sure that the parties in charge are giving the people necessary awareness and are readying themselves for evacuation if needed.

We truly are moved and inspired by his selflessness towards the citizens of Johor. We also hope this fine example will rub off on others. Hype

Johor Prince TMJ Deployed Brabus G700 6×6 For Segamat Flood Relief

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