Half of Sarawak’s Covid-19 deaths involve fully vaccined

Half of Sarawak’s Covid-19 deaths involve fully vaccined: Sim

More than half of the deaths recorded in Sarawak recently involved those who were fully vaccinated.

State Disaster Management Committee adviser Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian said that this was confirmed by the Health Department.

Sarawak saw 57 deaths from the coronavirus over the past seven days from September 1 to 7.

“I was informed by the Health Department that more than 50% of the latest deaths were individuals already fully vaccinated but they were still suffering multiple comorbidities.

“That is why those fully vaccinated but feeling ill must still get medical treatment quickly.

“There are many brought-in-dead cases involving people who died at home and were only confirmed to have succumbed to Covid-19 when they were brought to hospital,” said Sim in response to netizens voicing concerns over the high death toll.

Among the Covid-19 symptoms are high fever, severe sore throat and cough, breathing difficulties and loss of sense of smell and taste.

Sarawak has overtaken Selangor to top the list of daily Covid-19 cases, which has been exacerbated by the Delta variant.

Sim, a medical doctor, said that Sarawak has achieved “so-called herd-immunity”, with more than 80% of its adult population fully vaccinated.

He, however, acknowledged there is a need to vaccinate more Sarawakians, especially those under 18 years old.

Vaccinations for those aged between 15 and 17 will begin tomorrow. TV

Half of Sarawak’s Covid-19 deaths involve fully vaccined

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