Cartel of ex-PKR leaders behind move to oust MB

Cartel of ex-PKR leaders behind move to oust MB, says source

Several Negeri Sembilan PKR assemblymen are attempting an internal party coup by making moves to oust their state chief Aminuddin Harun, who is also the menteri besar.

A source said the attempts to replace Aminuddin will not work because the assemblymen do not have the backing of branch members.

“Some branch chiefs held a press conference on their own. But many of us want Aminuddin to remain as the menteri besar,” he told FMT.

The source said those behind the coup attempt belong to a “cartel” of leaders who left PKR for Bersatu during the Sheraton Move last February.

He said they are trying to replace Aminuddin with one of the PKR assemblymen who was present during the press conference yesterday.

According to media reports, those present at yesterday’s press conference were four branch chiefs from Rasah, Port Dickson, Jelebu, Kuala Pilah; three committee members from Rembau, Rasah and Port Dickson; two deputy branch leaders from Seremban and Rembau; and women’s wing chief Amni Idris and her deputy, Rusnani Saring, among others.

The source said division and branch committee members have complained to the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya because no meetings were held or consent obtained on the matter.

“We are looking at possible disciplinary action against those involved in the coup as it is not a consensual decision,” the source added.

FMT has contacted Aminuddin for comments.

According to Sinar Harian, PKR state information chief Yusuf Tapar had said a change was needed to ensure the party stays relevant, claiming that the state chief had failed to carry out plans to woo voters.

Yusuf said Aminuddin had also failed to settle ongoing issues faced by the branches, and some of his decisions were against the party’s constitution.

There are 36 state assemblymen in Negeri Sembilan. Pakatan Harapan has 20 members – 11 from DAP, six from PKR and three from Amanah.

The opposition has 16 representatives – 15 from Umno and one from MIC.

The opposition only needs four assemblymen to jump ship to effect a change in the state government and install a new menteri besar. FMT

Cartel of ex-PKR leaders behind move to oust MB

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