8-year-old accompanies sick mother at home until she dies

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8-year-old accompanies sick mother at home until she dies

An 8-year-old boy accompanied his mother until she breathed her last at their house at PPR Kota Damansara yesterday.

The woman was a mother of seven who lived in a poor condition at the house with her three children aged eight, 16 and 20, with four other children are with her ex-husband in Klang.

She died from liver cancer at the age of 42.

Skuad Pengurusan Jenazah Malaysia (SPJM) executive chairman Muhammad Rafieudin Zainal Rasid who handled the remains said SPJM received a call from one of the children, asking for help following her death.

Before she died, it was believed that the boy had been with her the whole night to soothe her pain.

Rafieudin said together with six SPJM members, they went to the house at 3pm.

“I met the youngest son, who told us that he was looking after the mother who was sick. The mother screamed in pain at 3am, so he helped to massage her hands and chest.

“His 16-year-old sister who was sleeping in the room came to check, but left after seeing the boy already helping their mother.

“The mother then vomited blood before falling asleep,” he said when contacted by Harian Metro.

Rafieudin said the boy did not understand that his mother had died.

The process of preparing her remains for funeral was carried out at the house, located on the 17th floor, due to the movement restriction order.

“Two neighbours also came to help. They have been very good to the family and often help with basic needs. The ex-husband also came to help for the final preparations.

“We allowed the children to look at their mother’s face and kiss her for the last time. The boy was crying with a toy in his hand, maybe trying to calm himself,” he said.

Rafieudin said the woman was buried at Seksyen 9 Muslim Cemetery in Kota Damansara at 5.30pm yesterday. Nst

8-year-old accompanies sick mother at home until she dies

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