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IBM Malaysia Employee Under Fire Over Racist Comments Towards Malay Muslims

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A Malaysian woman caused a major uproar among netizens recently after she came up with a racist statement on her Facebook account.

The lady, named Welling Chang, was seen criticising Malay Muslims over their lack of fluency in speaking English. She even labelled the aforementioned group as “narrow-minded” and “undeveloped”.

Source: Twitter

Scrolling through her Facebook, netizens discovered that she is an employee at the global tech company, IBM. Netizens took to IBM Malaysia’s Facebook to lodge a report about the issue regarding Welling’s controversial statement.


As a result, the comments section was flooded with tons of negative remarks from social media users. In this case, many netizens urged IBM Malaysia to take action against the employee. Additionally, some even urged the lady to be fired from her company.

Seemingly impacted by the massive amount of backlash, IBM Malaysia finally addressed the issue in their official Facebook over the weekend. The company assured everyone that they are “investigating the matter and will take appropriate action.”

Based on our checking, the woman has since deleted her Facebook and also her LinkedIn page as at time of writing (Tuesday, 11th August), after experiencing social media’s “cancel culture”.

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