MOC should not bow to Zionist Pressure

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WE the NGOs listed below, refer to the news report dated 31 December 2021 which carries the concerns of the President and Secretary General of the Malaysian Olympic Council over the implications of the Malaysian government’s decision not to allow Israeli athletes to enter Malaysia to participate in sporting events.

According to the report, following the Malaysian government’s decision, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is warning all international sports associations not to organise any international sporting events in Malaysia in the future.

We would like to point out that the report on the warning by the IOC was actually from the Israeli press.

It was not reported at all by any other news agency. As such, the news is most likely part of the Zionist regime’s propaganda to put pressure on Malaysia and any country that seek to boycott Israel.

The Israeli press has also recently spread false news that the United States and Indonesia were in talks to normalize relations without mentioning that Indonesia has issued a firm statement to the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, that Indonesia will remain supportive of the Palestinian liberation struggle and will not change her stance of not having diplomatic relations with Israel.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the Malaysian Olympic Council seems to be afraid of shadows as reflected in their hurried and pessimistic statement even though the IOC has neither issued any official statement nor contacted the Malaysian government officially on the matter.

We also note with regret the attitude of the Malaysian Olympic Council which does not show any sensitivity to the plight of the Palestinians who are being oppressed by the Israeli Zionist occupation regime.

Thousands of Palestinians have been killed while thousands more have been injured and brutally imprisoned by the Israeli regime. Their lands have been and are being confiscated while thousands of their houses have been and are being demolished by the Israeli Zionist regime.

Therefore, the Malaysian Olympic Council should be giving strong support to the Malaysian government’s efforts to increase awareness in the international community of the atrocities committed by Israel towards Palestinians.

The Malaysian Olympic Council should also call on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to expel Israel.

It should also call on sports associations around the world to boycott Israel just as South Africa was once boycotted by the international community because of its apartheid policies.
We hereby call on the leadership of the Malaysian Olympic Council to change their attitude and stance immediately and strive to educate itself on the crime of apartheid being committed by the Zionist regime towards Palestinians.

We also call on the Malaysian government to continue to maintain its commendable stance of non-normalisation with the Israeli apartheid regime and not allow any Israeli delegation to enter Malaysia.

We also call on the Malaysian government to continue to call on the international community to boycott Israel completely as long as the brutal regime does not stop its oppressive apartheid policies against the Palestinians.

1. BDS Malaysia
2. Viva Palestina Malaysia
3. AlFitrah Foundation
4. Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM)
5. Sekretariat Himpunan Ulama Rantau Asia
6. Aliansi Masjid Sedunia Pertahankan Al Aqsa
7. Global Peace Mission (GPM)
8. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM)
9. Cakna Palestin
10. Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM)
12. Persatuan Komuniti Islam Setia Alam U13
13. Malaysian Women Coalition for al Quds and Palestine (MWCQP)
14. MediCOM Malaysia
15. Kelab Cakna Kelantan
16. Movement for Monetary Justice Malaysia
17. Yayasan Usman AwangPertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia
18. Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia
19. Palestinian Progressive Association – Malaysia (PPA-M).
20. Persatuan Gerak Intelek (Intellectual Wisdom Society).
21. Pendidikan IKRAM Musleh Berhad (IKRAM Musleh)
22. Persatuan Persaudaraan Muslimah Malaysia (SALIMAH)
23. Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia
24. Pertubuhan Aspirasi Jaringan Wanita (AJWA)
25. Pertubuhan Ilmuwan dan Cendekiawan Muslim Malaysia (ILMAN)
26. HARMONI Malaysia
27. Yayasan Ikram Malaysia
28. Kesatuan Ulama Muslimin Sedunia ( Malaysia)
29. Humanitarian Care Malaysia (MyCARE)

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