Sarawak bans public New Year’s Eve celebrations

Sarawak bans public New Year’s Eve celebrations

Hold your fireworks as Sarawak has imposed a blanket ban on all New Year’s Eve celebrations and public countdown events.

Entertainment outlet operators are also prohibited from organising any celebrations and countdown events at their premises, said the state Disaster Management Committee today.

The committee secretariat said, in a statement, that the decision is a precaution against further spread of Covid-19 in the state.

“The committee wants to remind the public that Sarawak is still in Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan. As a precaution, no New Year’s Eve celebrations will be allowed.

“Entertainment and business outlets cannot operate beyond midnight and are not allowed to hold any New Year’s Eve parties.

“Any premises found violating this ban will be penalised. Enforcement authorities will be stepping up patrolling rounds during that time.”

Today, there were 19 new Covid-19 cases state-wide with one in Category 5 needing intubation.

The secretariat said no deaths were reported today. TV

Sarawak bans public New Year’s Eve celebrations

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