Najib hit back at Justo

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Najib hit back at Justo

Hi Xavier Justo,

Thank you for your concern about my mental health. I am happy to report that I am perfectly fine.

I am sorry to hear that you have lost the entire RM8.2 million gifted to you by The Edge owner Tong Kooi Ong in January 2019 on a failed business venture in Malaysia within a year before you ran away to Switzerland in early March 2020 after the PH government fell.

I guess the economy under the PH Government then must not be too good for you to lose the entire RM8.2 million within a year.

(BTW, did you pay Malaysian income tax on your “gift” seeing that this was related to your offer to sell the info to The Edge and Clare Brown in year 2015?)

Thank you also for your clarification claiming that you were not sacked but resigned voluntarily in the year 2011 and your claim that you did not steal data, blackmail your employers/former friend or offer to sell stolen data to The Edge/Clare Brown (one must wonder why then The Edge and only the edge decided to gift you money) – as well as for your claim that you were forced to sign a false confession in Bangkok and went to jail because of that due to my intervention in Thailand (as alleged by Sarawak Report recently).

But I do have several questions:

1) If you were a whistleblower and not a blackmailer or thief, then why did you wait 4 year after you resigned in year 2011 (when you presumably downloaded all the data from PetroSaudi) until year 2015 to offer the “evidence” to The Edge and Sarawak Report?

Why the 4 years wait?

2) Is it true that you met and blackmailed your employers in Thailand in year 2013? If this is not true and that offence did not happen in Thailand, why is it that the Bangkok courts had jurisdiction For you to be charged and sentenced to 3 years jail?

And why have you not slammed the Thailand legal system for illegally imprisoning you or even appealed your conviction?

3) And if you are truly not a blackmailer or just plain greedy for money, why then did you tell Al-Jazeera that you are unsure you would still “expose” 1MDB if PetroSaudi had paid you 2.5 million Swiss francs (RM10.15 million)?

4) Which of your alleged documents have been used in my SRC or 1MDB trials as evidence and why have you never been called as a witness or mentioned in my court cases?

5) Can you also post which document from the emails that you took said that I am behind or masterminded the misappropriation of money by PetroSaudi?

Because my lawyers could not find a single instance of such proof from your emails. Instead, we found evidence instead that proves I wasn’t invovled as per these emails as detailed in the report by the parties who gifted you the RM8.2 million:

“28 Jun 2018: Cover Story: How PetroSaudi executives plotted what to tell Najib”

I was surprised that you called me a liar or crazy despite me quoting directly from publicly available links in the media as compared to your bare denials.

Najib hit back at Justo

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