I don’t want to be PM, I just want to lead Mageran

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Dr M: I don’t want to be PM, I just want to lead Mageran

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not want to be prime minister again. He only wants to spearhead a National Operations Council (NOC), or a National Recovery Council.

In an interview on Bernama TV’s Ruang Bicara tonight, the Langkawi member of parliament said he was not interested in the premiership, but only wanted “power” through the NOC, better known by its Malay acronym Mageran.

“I don’t want to be prime minister. I want to lead the Mageran or the National Recovery Council. But whatever the council decides, the government must accept.

“We are worried… people are suffering, many are sick, many have died, and many have committed suicide.

“It’s not important to be the prime minister, what’s important is to handle the problems we are facing, which is the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Asked what would be the deadline for Mageran to end, Dr Mahathir said he could not predict when Covid-19 would end.

He said he had proposed the idea of Mageran or the recovery council to the government before the number of cases were high.

“There were only about 2,000 cases at that time, so it was easier to handle. We had a lot of ideas, but the (government) didn’t want to allow me, they wanted to do it themselves.

“From then, the number of cases rose to 6,000, then 9,000, 14,000, now 22,000. This is the government’s doing.

“I don’t know if I can do better than the government, but I believe if we consulted the right people, we would have gotten ideas how to tackle Covid-19,” he added.

Dr Mahathir was also asked if his political party, Parti Pejuang Tanah Air, was invited to work with a government tied to kleptocrats, to which he answered: “We will think about it.”

He was then asked the same about Pakatan Harapan Plus, and stressed that he was not interested in ministerial positions, but only wanted power to handle Covid-19.

During the interview, he also clarified it was not his intention to disrupt or interfere with past prime ministers’ administrations, adding that he only wanted to “fix the situation”.

Dr Mahathir said the political situation in Malaysia had gone bad, with politicians no longer wanting to serve the country, nation, or religion.

“They only want to be prime minister and for what? For power, to get money, for a huge paycheck, or to steal money. That’s why they want to be prime minister.

“If they can’t be the prime minister, they want to be a minister or a deputy. They’re more focused on posts so it can bring good returns, not to serve (the people).”

Dr Mahathir also claimed that the moral values of many had gone down, alleging that there were leaders willingly accepting money to resign.

Corruption, he said, would destroy the nation, adding that it would leave leaders only wanting to rule for money, instead of the greater good.

“To see our country develop, we must reject corruption. In elections, don’t vote because you will get money,” he said. Nst

I don’t want to be PM, I just want to lead Mageran

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