M’sian Penthouse Adult Model Releases A Song & Netizens Are Amazed By The MV And Her Voice [VIDEO]

M’sian Penthouse Adult Model Releases A Song & Netizens Are Amazed By The MV And Her Voice [VIDEO]

Influencer Siew Pui Yi bears many roles. She is a cosmetic entrepreneur, model, and the front-cover personality of adult magazine Penthouse.

To add to the list of things she does, she is now a singer, too.

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February, Siew dropped her first music video — titled Men-mory — and it has since received rave reviews for the production value, choreography, singing, and more.

The song was first released on 14 January, but fans have only been able to watch her performing the song in a video recently.

The song, produced by DJ Goldfish, is about a woman’s distrust against men who claim they will never leave her, but always do.

“I’m not gonna lie next to ya if ya lie to me. Baby honestly, it’s bad energy,” Siew sings as she dances with a group of men and women.

At the time of writing, the video has received over 107,000 views and 5,500 likes

In the comments section, netizens said they were amazed by the production value and effort that went into the making of the song and music video.

“Oh my god, this is really good. I mean I wasn’t expecting much, but you’ve blown my socks off,” read a comment.

“The production is next level,” wrote a netizen, ending with fire emojis.

“I have been waiting for a long time to see this video like you. It was amazing. Great and keep it up. I’m your great fan,” said a YouTube user.

“I’m speechless. The music video is interesting, but the music is an 11/10,” added another person.

Siew has over 16 million followers on Instagram and is not shy of posing sensually in photos

She is said to be involved in pornography, which is accessible via paid subscription on an online platform.

In December last year, prior to her appearance on the front cover of adult magazine Penthouse, she revealed in an autobiographical video that she started posting full nudes online after she was threatened by hackers who got their hands on her private photos.

She was told to pay up to RM50,000 in ransom, or they would have her photos leaked.

Distraught, she decided to take control of the situation by publishing her own nudes on OnlyFans.

She told other women to avoid following in her footsteps as it is a painful and challenging journey.

“If you are not forced to do this, then don’t do it,” she said. – SAYS

Below is the music video of Siew’s debut song Men-mory:


M’sian Penthouse Adult Model Releases A Song & Netizens Are Amazed By The MV And Her Voice [VIDEO]

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