Hundreds flee as ceiling in govt building collapses

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Hundreds flee as ceiling in govt building collapses

KOTA KINABALU: Hundreds of government staff had to evacuate a building housing several agencies here after they reportedly felt it shake today.

State fire and rescue assistant director (operations) Misran Bisara said the staff told the response team that the building, Wisma Dang Bandang, “shook” twice, the first was at 3.30pm, and they also heard a loud crash on one of the floors.

He said the workers were already gathered at a safe location away from the building when his team arrived. No one was reported to be hurt.

“Our team found a large portion of the ceiling on the 11th floor, which houses the auditorium, had collapsed. That was probably the loud crash the staff had heard,” he said.

The government staff gathered at a safe distance from the building.
Misran said it was most likely that the incident was not due to a tremor because no one else reported feeling the ground shake.

“The Public Works Department will make an assessment on the building’s safety before the staff can return to work,” he said.

Among the agencies housed at the building are the immigration department, the National Anti-Drugs Agency, the meteorology department, and the information department. FMT

Hundreds flee as ceiling in govt building collapses

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