You are not Umno’s spokesman, division heads rap Hadi

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You are not Umno’s spokesman, division heads rap Hadi

More Umno leaders have come out to slam PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for “acting like an Umno spokesperson”.

Pasir Puteh Umno division chief Zawawi Othman and Wangsa Maju Umno division chief Shafei Abdullah have both slammed Hadi’s claim that most Umno Supreme Council members backed Muafakat Nasional (MN), the pact between the two parties, even though PAS is working with Bersatu in Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Hadi had also reportedly advised Umno members to obey their Supreme Council members instead of listening to the party’s divisional leaders and grassroots.

Zawawi said Hadi’s insistence on being with Bersatu in PN showed PAS’ true colours.

“You (Hadi) don’t have to be a spokesperson for Umno, no one asked you to do so,” he told FMT. “In PAS, maybe they will follow whatever the leaders say, even if it is not true”.

“But in Umno, decisions are made in the general assembly… if the Supreme Council wants it but the grassroots don’t, then it will not become a reality.

“Hadi has to understand Umno’s methods… The Supreme Council can be changed any time, but the Supreme Council cannot change the grassroots.”

Shafei said that although Umno’s grassroots had clearly agreed not to cooperate with Bersatu, PAS was insisting that Umno accept their “friends” into MN.

He said Hadi’s statement had seemingly belittled the divisional chiefs role in highlighting their grassroots’ wishes not to work with Bersatu.

The grassroots do not want to be with Bersatu because of its arrogance … it has nothing to do with the top people (Supreme Council),” he told FMT.

He said Hadi had deliberately created an atmosphere for voters to view Umno as being in the wrong for refusing to work with PN.

“That’s what he did in the Melaka state elections, so the Malays were angry with us. It’s clear from the first day of MN that we wanted to strengthen that alliance, but we don’t want Bersatu.

“Hadi still wants Bersatu … if he wants to go to Bersatu, I wish him all the best.” FMT

You are not Umno’s spokesman, division heads rap Hadi

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