BN, PN in bed with enemies, which is each other: Anwar

BN, PN in bed with enemies, which is each other: Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has described the relationship between Barisan Nasional (BN) and Perikatan Nasional (PN) as “helter-skelter” (caca marba) seeing how they are cooperating at the federal level but will go at each other’s throats in Melaka.

Speaking in a Nadi Rakyat video today, the PKR president pointed out that with this sort of attitude, Melakans should vote in a more stable political coalition to ensure political stability in the state.

“This is helter-skelter politics. They are in the same cabinet only because they want to hold on to power but in every other matter, they will fight – including in Melaka. Imagine if BN and PN wins. We’ll just be waiting for them to stab each other.

“So, for me, when it comes to the economy and development, the people of Melaka must choose a coalition that can guarantee stability and good governance,” said Anwar.

He also defended Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) controversial decision to field former Umno veterans Datuk Seri Idris Haron in Asahan and Datuk Nor Azman Hassan in his incumbent seat Pantai Kundor.

The Port Dickson MP admitted to initial reluctance in accepting the four assemblymen who withdrew support for the then Umno chief minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Ali, which led to Governor Tun Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam dissolving the state assembly.

However, after seeing Idris and Nor Azman steadfastly maintaining their decision against Umno, Amanah and PKR decided to field them under their banners.

Furthermore, Anwar also cited a technicality which he claimed absolves the duo from being described as “political frogs”.

“The government has been dissolved. So, the issue of hopping does not arise. Where are they supposed to hop? There’s no state assembly. So, we (the PH presidential council) had a discussion. We disagreed on one of the candidates and were left with three.

“Then, based on our own seat allocations, we decided to take one candidate for PKR and one candidate for Amanah. There are questions on whether there are good candidates in PKR. Yes, there’s more than one who is more qualified.

“However, I didn’t take that step seeing their sacrifice and readiness to stand with us consistently. This will also send a message to Umno and PAS supporters that they are not our enemy. Our enemies are corruption, abuse of power, and persecution that is being orchestrated by Umno leaders.” TV

BN, PN in bed with enemies, which is each other: Anwar

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