Biscuits being sold locally safe for consumption – Noor Hisham

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Biscuits being sold locally safe for consumption – Noor Hisham

The Health Ministry’s Food Safety and Quality Division has deemed biscuits and crackers being sold in the local market safe for consumption.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah today said the division had conducted tests and surveillance since 2015 on such food products.

Results revealed that the average acrylamide level in biscuits being sold at the local market is at 246 microgrammes per kilogramme involving various brands including Hup Seng, Jacobs and Julie’s, that were claimed to have the cancer-causing substances, he added.

“This is below the 350 microgrammes per kilogramme benchmark level set by the European Union Commission Regulation.

“The division had also conducted risk assessment on acrylamide and glycidol in food which showed that these two substances had low-risk on human via food intake,” he said.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council on Monday announced that the 60 samples of pre-packed biscuits and crackers, including Hup Seng, Jacobs and Julie’s it tested contained cancer-inducing elements, such as glycidol or acrylamide. The council also found that 40 per cent of these products analysed had misleading nutrition labels.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), acrylamide and glycidol are cancer-causing substances and can pose a risk to human health.

Acrylamide is a contaminant that may produce during food processing or preparation. However, such pollutants can be controlled through the selection of appropriate raw materials and processes.

Dr Noor Hisham said consumers could check the acrylamide food contamination guide on the division’s Facebook page.

“The Health Ministry is always alert and concerned with elements that can threaten consumers’ health.

“Public can contact their respective state health department or the nearest district health office or at or Food Safety and Quality Division Facebook at to know more about food safety issue.” Nst

Biscuits being sold locally safe for consumption – Noor Hisham

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