PN, PH broke promises to the people, unlike BN – Zahid

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PN, PH broke promises to the people, unlike BN – Zahid

Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan should not blame Barisan Nasional for their downfall, said Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The BN chairman and Umno president said the two past governments failed to deliver on their promises to the nation, which led to discontentment among the people.

He said this is unlike BN, which had never broken its promises when it was in government.

“The country has seen how three prime ministers have risen in the span of one term. The people’s worries were apparent towards the two governments that led before,” Zahid said when officiating the Makkal Sakti’s 13th annual general meeting that was streamed online.

“The dissatisfaction was not caused by the change of administrations, but the failures of the past two governments due to promises to the people that were not fulfilled.

“BN has never broken its promises while it was the government. This has opened up the hearts of the people after the government exchanged hands (from BN), more so when their attempts to select a new regime that brought dismal results.”

Zahid said PH and PN should blame themselves for their own failures.

“If BN fell due to lies and slander by them, they are now feeling the results of the failures of their own recipes.”

Meanwhile, Zahid described MPs who have defected from BN as undignified and cowardly.

“They were politicians who betrayed the coalition for the sake of power, money and fear of prosecution.

“We need to learn from the dark history of GE14. Our goal is to make a return (to the government)… any internal party problems, both on the part of Umno, component parties, and this party (Makkal Sakti), must be resolved by the next general election.

“Indeed, BN felt betrayed when many of its MPs jumped because of power and money after it lost, but the presence and strong support of Makkal Sakti in BN will give us a boost.”

He added that all BN component parties must prepare for the next general election by showing loyalty and leadership, apart from choosing suitable candidates who will not betray the coalition. TV

PN, PH broke promises to the people, unlike BN – Zahid

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