Suzuki Malaysia six new models

Suzuki Malaysia returns with six new models

THE demise of Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia saw the Suzuki brand unrepresented for quite some time here in Malaysia.

Behind the scenes, however, the brand was being reborn and now taken over by Suzuki Malaysia Sdn Bhd, now the sole exclusive importer, distributor and assembler for Suzuki motorcycles, ATVs, spare parts and accessories. The new company is spearheaded by Ahmad Faez Tan Sri Yahaya and managed by Datuk Jeffrey Lim.

“This is an exciting new beginning for Suzuki. We are not just back, but we are here with an even bigger commitment, one that will not only offer customers the very latest and most advanced motorcycles Suzuki has to offer but to elevate their riding and ownership experience to an even higher level,” said Lim, who is Suzuki Malaysia Sdn Bhd director and general manager.

A few new models were to be introduced last year but due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, this was delayed. However, six of Suzuki’s latest models and a comprehensive dealer and after sales network has now been launched.

“Suzuki Malaysia will have three categories of (more than 70) dealers to serve the market but for the time being, we are commencing the business by selling the fully CBU models. We will be announcing more exciting range of products soon,” Ahmad Faez reveals.

The three categories of dealers mentioned are Suzuki Big Bike World, Suzuki Station Plus and Suzuki Station which ranges from full-fledged CBU showrooms to the budget-conscious smaller capacity minor dealers.

After-sales support for Suzukis are divided into two categories; Suzuki Exclusive Service Centre and Suzuki Service Corner. What differentiates the two are size, amenities and quantity of locations. Both are able to handle warranty claims and product updates as well as the regular servicing and maintenance of Suzuki motorcycles. Suzuki Malaysia have committed to a strong aftersales support and comprehensive dealer network with value for money first and foremost.

Suzuki Malaysia launched the re-brand with six latest models from its stable. Leading the pack is their Superbike, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 at RM99,289.00, then the even meaner Suzuki GSX-R1000R at RM110,289.00, the reborn icon Suzuki Katana GSX-S 1000S at RM77,989.00 and the naked Suzuki GSX-S 750 at RM40,989.00.

In the middleweight category, Suzuki line up their Suzuki V-Strom 650XT at RM37,989.00 and the Suzuki SV 650 listed at RM37,289.00. We will cover the models in more detail in a future article. Nst

Suzuki Malaysia six new models

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