Let professionals lead new govt, says medical coalition

Let professionals lead new govt, says medical coalition

A coalition of medical groups has called for the new government to be led by professionals instead of career politicians.

The Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC), which is made up of 49 medical groups and 21 individual doctors, said this would go a long way towards ensuring the country’s recovery from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The new government must balance health with the recovery of the economy, democracy and society.

“The public and the country’s health system are increasingly exhausted. Politicians must be part of the solution, not part of the problem,” the coalition said.

It added that the new government must also ensure that the public’s health and welfare is given top priority despite the country’s political transition.

“The political transition must not affect Malaysia’s Covid-19 response, vaccination programmes and regular healthcare services,” MHC said, adding that there was a need to share pandemic data with a high level of transparency.

Data transparency, it said, will improve trust and allow the public to make more accurate risk assessments for themselves and their families, while aiding in better allocation of resources.

It also urged the government to follow scientific evidence as the understanding of Covid-19 continued to evolve and improve.

“The government needs to publicise the evidence, methodology and rationale when making any important decisions. It should not merely announce the decisions in a top-down manner.

“SOPs must also be evidence-based, easy to understand and enforced without double standards,” MHC said.

The coalition added that there was a need for a strong and coordinated effort between the federal and state governments to ensure effective execution and no overlaps.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have seen that the health ministry alone cannot beat Covid-19. There must be strong coordination between all ministries, especially the health, economic, security and welfare agencies,” it said.

The coalition said an all-of-society effort against Covid-19, including proactive coordination with civil society and empowering communities was also needed. FMT

Let professionals lead new govt, says medical coalition

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