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Charges against DS Najib are likely to be dropped soon

Sebaran :

Charges against DS Najib are likely to be dropped soon. Due to actions of the US government, the lack of proper evidence that could convict and the fact that the prosecution based most of its case on inadmissible evidence, hearsay, conjecture and unsubstantiated claims of money laundering, theft and misappropriation of state owned funds. The cases against DS Najib are floundering: And the AG has begun the process of winding up its prosecution or whats left of it in order that an honourable acquittal may be the outcome for the prosecution and DS Najib.

The Trump administration has been reviewing the torrid and illegal conduct of Loretta Lynch, a discredited official and a person under intense investigation and scrutiny for her unlawful activities and her role in a number of scandals as Attorney General of the US under the Obama administration.

In and amongst what they’ve discovered about her impropriety as AG under the Obama administration is evidence of her complicity in targeting DS Najib and a few other individuals on behalf of the NED, Open Societies and the Clinton Global Foundation funded NGO’s.

These are serious offences that carry a mandatory long term jail sentence in the US. It is unconfirmed yet, but the word is that she has agreed to co-operate with investigators to an extent the US and Malaysia can now no longer sustain the charges against DS Najib and the rest of his family.

We have always maintained DS Najib’s and Rosmah’s innocence against the tide of naysayers and accusers who believed them to be guilty that they were in fact set up. We stand by that assertion.

Gopal Raj Kumar

Sebaran :

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