Nazri’s posts on wife’s IG gaining traction on social media

Nazri’s posts on wife’s IG gaining traction on social media

Former tourism, arts and culture minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has once again thrust himself into the public spotlight after making a series of posts on his wife Haflin Saiful’s Instagram account.

The Padang Rengas MP was believed to be responding to queries by Malaysian social media users over his alleged trip to Paris, France, which came during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic that broke five-figure daily records for the first time.

“You voted for the failed PH (Pakatan Harapan) government in GE14. Since 2018, I was no longer a Cabinet minister. I was not charged in the courts for any act of corruption and abuse of power.

“How is it that I can use the rakyat’s money to spend in France. Tell ME – Nazri Aziz,” a post on his wife’s Instagram Stories read, which was accompanied by a picture of Nazri, clad in a brown leather jacket, checking his phone.

In another Instagram post, Haflin quoted Nazri in an angry rant, telling social media users that he simply does not care about their criticisms in capital letters.

“I was elected as MP for Padang Rengas in 1995, I have since contested in the same constituency for six terms UNDEFEATED (sic) with a comfortable majority.

“It is a rural seat, 80% of the voters are Malays, Muslims and village folks. So don’t teach me how to serve and work for my rakyat in PADANG RENGAS

“NOT for you and I DONT care,” he wrote, with another picture of him wearing sunglasses and fedora, sitting on a bench at a park believed to be in Paris, France.

“So tell me why do I need my own social media and ‘faking’ everything about me,” he said.

Screenshots of Nazri’s rants on Haflin’s Instagram Story have made its way to Twitter, where he received as many as 16,100 retweets in a posting that was shared by @takterqyira.

However, Nazri’s rants did not bode well with social media users, with many criticising that his trip came at a time when the country is battling its worst Covid-19 battle.

It is understood that Nazri had flown to Paris with Haflin and their young son on July 1.

Earlier this month, Haflin also took to social media to defend their decision to enrol their child in a school in France.

Nazri had previously told The Star that he left Paris on Wednesday afternoon and he arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (July 15) morning.

Previously, he said he would return to Malaysia immediately after the dates of the upcoming Parliament session are announced.

The upcoming Parliament session will run for a special five-day session beginning July 26, for 15 days beginning Sept 6 and 32 days beginning Oct 25.

The upcoming Parliament session will be closely watched by the public as Perikatan Nasional has a slim majority of 115 MPs with Barisan Nasional accounting for 42 MPs.

There were concerns about Perikatan’s Parliamentary majority, after Umno announced its withdrawal of support for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister recently. The Star

Nazri’s posts on wife’s IG gaining traction on social media

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