‘What’s happening?’ Najib asks as Google, Amazon and Tesla pick Indonesia

Former prime minister Najib Razak has voiced concern over the lack of effort to attract foreign investors in the past two years.

In a Facebook post, Najib said US-tech giants Tesla, Amazon and Google will be going to Indonesia.

“What’s happening? We have many investment agencies. In the past, I myself led trade and investment missions, met world leaders and industry captains.

“Around 80 international companies were invited to Malaysia during my tenure,” he said, adding this led to the creation of jobs, as well as the retention and attraction of talent.

But, Najib said, since 2018, there had been a lack of effort to draw new investments.

“What we have is insults that the people are lazy. What we see is political instability and what we experience is weak government policies which have a big impact on the economy and the people.”

The country and its economy, Najib said, needed leadership.

“It’s a shame. The Malaysia led by Barisan Nasional, which was seen as having strong growth potential in Asia and Southeast Asia, is no longer being considered by investors.” FMT

Tesla, Google dan Amazon ke Indonesia, Malaysia?

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  1. Najib. Why are you acting like a Moron, wondering what went wrong that made those giant foreign investors chose Indonesia not Malaysia? Some idiots just cannot figure why people shy away from them when their own actions and behavior are driving away friends and foes.. You and your greedy team in Umno, plus the insatiable greed for power by Anwar, Aged Mahathir and recently the Date-Expired Razaleigh Hamzah will drive away even the Devil let alone investors.

  2. Indonesia has almost rid itself of corrpution. Investors sees good opportunities to bring money in as they are confident of their safe returns. Malaysia is still very high on the corruption list which deflects investors. We have not solved our internal problems, how to get investors?

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