Fahmi Redza mocking Perak MB

Fahmi Redza mocking Perak MB.

Perak Umno Youth chief Mohd Ariff Abdul Majid has made a police report on a poster uploaded on Facebook and Twitter which he described as slanderous and a deliberate attempt to incite hatred against Perak menteri besar Saarani Mohamad.

Ariff lodged the report at the Kuala Kangsar district police headquarters at 4.15pm.

According to Ariff, the poster was uploaded by Fahmi Redza, a social media user with the caption, “kita dah bagi makan sardin, jangan gatal nak mintak ayam pulak” (we have fed you with sardine, don’t be greedy for chicken now) which was criticised and condemned by other social media users.

“This included alleging that Saarani was arrogant in the issue of providing smartphones to poor students in Perak.

“To be sure, I referred to the video clip on the Perak menteri besar’s official Facebook site and found the phrase used is different from the poster uploaded by Fahmi Redza. Therefore, the words on the poster was not true and not mentioned by Saraani,” he said in a statement today.

Ariff said based on the video at Saarani’s press conference, he found the Perak menteri besar only gave an analogy on the contribution of smartphones by YTL Foundation to the Perak government for poor students.

“He gave the analogy of not being polite if the state government turned down the smartphone contribution to help poor students attend classes online.

“In this regard, it is clear the poster uploaded by Fahmi Redza was slanderous and was deliberately made to incite hatred,” he said and added that the police report was made so that investigations could be carried out by the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. FMT

Fahmi Redza mocking Perak MB

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