Cosmetics tycoon Kak Ton to sell lavish mansion with indoor pool, lift for more than RM10 million (VIDEO)

PETALING JAYA, March 2 — Emcee Nadia Annuar recently revealed her cosmetics millionaire mother Kak Ton is set on selling her multi-million ringgit home.

The Malay-Thai personality took to Instagram Live with her mum for a house tour of the lavish mansion in a session that lasted over an hour on Saturday.

In the clip, Nadia can be heard conversing with her mother in Thai and Malay as they greeted participants who joined in on the live tour.

According to Nadia, Kak Ton who runs the successful beauty line Lagenda Kak Ton feels the house is too big for one person.

“This house is too big for my mum, she lives alone.

“She wants to live in a smaller place,” said Nadia.

Lavish: The mansion comes with a theatre room, 10 bedrooms and plenty of space. — Screengrabs from Instagram/Nadia Annuar
Lavish: The mansion comes with a theatre room, 10 bedrooms and plenty of space. — Screengrabs from Instagram/Nadia Annuar
Kak Ton added that all her children have moved out, leaving her alone in the big house.

Due to her age, she confessed she could only make it to the first floor where her bedroom is located and rarely goes up to the third floor.

The mother and daughter duo gave followers a glimpse into the sprawling residence that has three dining areas, 10 bedrooms, a theatre room, a gym, a lift and an indoor swimming pool.

Kak Ton said she is a fan of the house’s indoor pool because it provides her with more privacy while enjoying a swim without exposing her aurat.

“It’s easier for mummy if she wants to wear a bikini while swimming,” Nadia joked.

Kak Ton said the mansion will be sold fully furnished, promising she won’t remove any of the furniture and decor before moving out.

The cosmetics tycoon added that she will be leaving behind a custom-made hand-carved wood table that can accommodate 14 diners to the next owner.

“This table is rarely used.

“I ordered it for our occasional gatherings with relatives who come to the house,” she said.

When asked how much the property costs, Kak Ton said it falls into the eight-figure range.

“I can only say that the price is eight figures, meaning it’s more than RM5 million,” said Kak Ton, inferring that the price of the house would cost more than RM10 million.

Nadia informed followers who were interested in purchasing the eye-watering property to get in touch with them.

The hour-long house tour was watched nearly 100,000 times with many praising Kak Ton’s beautifully decorated mansion. MM

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