Turtles brutally killed, meat cooked, put into sacks

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Turtles brutally killed, meat cooked, put into sacks

KOTA KINABALU – Killed, sliced, cooked, and put into a sack – that was the fate of 11 green turtles that were found in a gruesome state in Pantau-Pantau waters, Bum Bum Island in Semporna, today.

The carcasses were found as they were left to rot with their organs thrown all around the area.

Sabah General Operations Force Commander Senior Asst Commissioner Abdul Rani Alias said that the discovery was made at about 6am during the Khazanah Integrated Operation conducted with Sabah Wildlife Department and Forestry Department.

He said the operation team also found a hook, believed to be used to catch the turtles.

“We found two sacks with cooked turtle meat, turtle carcasses, and cooking utensils. We had inspected the area but could not find any suspects involved in the activity,” he said when contacted today.

Abdul Rani said all their findings, including cooking utensils were seized and brought to Semporna District Police Headquarters for further action.

He estimated that the seized items cost around RM8,200 according to market value.

“We are conducting further investigations under Section 41 (1) of the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997,” he said. TV

Turtles brutally killed, meat cooked, put into sacks

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